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924493 wywołań od 03 wrzesień 2010

I would pick Trevi - I just like it better... LV

I LVOE LV forum because: 1. I can share everything with my lovely tpfers2. Very informative3. Friendly environment louis vuitton luggage
,I've been waiting for an azur delightful...I just bought evora, so I wouldn't be surprised if they finally do an azur louis vuitton purse,

Please do not return a used bag. louis vuitton luggage


I think you should go to the boutique and identify the things you really want. If I could start all over, I'd save up for the things I REALLY want most and skip the small things I bought just because I wanted to get some LV.Also, I think the speedy is a great buy, very useful and at a more friendly price. louis vuitton shop

,Pretty,I love them louis vuitton outlet,

congrats louis vuitton purse


I love the Totally! I just recently purchased the MM and it's my favorite bag right now from my collection. I love all the pockets (for better organization) and the spaciousness.I used to own a BH, but sold it a few years ago. I didn't like the opening/closing of this bag. I also thought this bag was a little too small for me.Please post pics when you do get the Totally! louis vuitton shop

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